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The experience of each is the treasure of all” – Gérard de Nerval

Is the LEAN approach cultural?
Despite its longevity, the LEAN method has not aged a day. But it can only succeed if the cultural aspect is taken into account.
Working remotely
Remote management and collaboration has been a trend and now the coronavirus is not giving businesses any other alternative.
Chinese New Year and Business Etiquette
The Chinese New Year of 2019 falls on Tuesday, 5th February and lasts to February 19th. Usher with me confidently in the Year of the Pig and understand the background, traditions and rituals.
Doing business in India: some pointers
Thierry Lepercq, Assistant General Manager of ENGIE and founder of Solairedirect, discusses his international experience, particularly in India, where he quickly found that it was necessary to think o...
Michelin, the challenges of transformation
By successfully carrying through the industrial and digital transformation of the MICHELIN group, and more generally its reorganisation, Jean Dominique SENARD has emerged as one of the most brilliant ...
Happy Cross-Cultural Year 2018!
The Akteos and Intercultural Insights teams wish you an happy cross-cultural and digital year 2018 and invite you for a new adventure!
Leading with Culture
Driving business performance through the alignment of people, strategy and culture Leaders increasingly recognize that cultural dysfunction can impede business performance, and that poor cultural fit ...
How foreigners see the French
French behaviour which often surprises “incomers” Being aware of the image others have of us is important, because through our behaviour foreigners will subconsciously seek confirmation of...
The Indian concept of time
For the Indians, time is seen as being cyclical, following a recurring cycle of four ages, involving the appearance, degeneration and end of the universe before a new era begins, identical to the prev...
Culture: The Secret Ingredient to Excellent Service Quality in Hospitality
If there is a place where customers pay special attention to the quality of the service they receive, it is in the hospitality industry. As such, not surprisingly, hotels invest a significant amount o...
Southeast Asian Business Culture – Anecdotes From Outside the Fishbowl
An important step towards becoming a competent player in the international work environment is having a good understanding about one’s own culture. Like water to a fish, the influence of our own cul...
Feedback and Culture
  Feedback at work: a question of culture? Everyone agrees that feedback can be a valuable management tool, used to forge a relationship based on trust and confidence, to help staff develop (incl...
The Internationalisation of BNP Paribas
Interview with Frédéric Thoral, HR Manager of BNP Paribas Personal Finance Fréderic Thoral kindly agreed to answer questions about his career. In a frank interview, he talks about his role in the t...
Are French and Americans arrogant?
We’ve heard it over and over as fingers point across the Atlantic: THEY are so arrogant! When the topic comes up in intercultural trainings, people from other countries usually laugh and say: Bo...
New Year Greetings!
The Intercultural Insights team wish you a Happy Year of the Rooster and send our best wishes for your international success in the new year! If you haven’t caught the adventures of Archibald Wa...
Universalism vs Identity
Can the company be a place where we find synergy between modernity and tradition? A high civil servant and “Management and Society” director at the CNRS, Philippe d’Iribarne has been...
Do You Have a Minute? Answer This One Question.
Help unlock intercultural insights by answering one question: Do you feel confident in your ability to work well with other cultures?
Modern Asia: Tradition vs Progress
To what extent is the apparent “westernization” process in Asia simply a superficial outcome of modernization. Are people rejecting their traditional values?
Intercultural Training for Business Growth
50% of international joint-venture failures are due to intercultural incomprehension and inability to grasp what is expected by others in specific situations.
A influential man’s view of the world
Whether as a member of the military, a company manager, an intelligence officer or a professor in strategy and crisis management, Alain Juillet has worn many hats.