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Meet Akteos, the Leader in Intercultural Training
January 2, 2015

Akteos Since 2003, Akteos has been helping businesses to navigate in a world where globalisation and new technologies bring different cultures and values into frequent contact with each other. Akteos believes in human potential as a means of value creation for companies and encourages the acquisition of new skills to promote a genuine intercultural spirit within organisations. By tapping into this vast pool of cultural energy, companies are better able to manage intercultural situations, turn risks into opportunities, and succeed internationally.


2003 – Akteos is founded by the directors of two intercultural communications societies, Unilangues and 4T.  The name combines two Greek words to express a place where the earth (evoking roots) meets the sky (a symbol of movement and travel). The pioneering team was convinced that intercultural capability would become a decisive advantage in an increasingly competitive global market. Akteos began by organising training to prepare expatriates to succeed in their missions. Steady Growth 2004 – The company had begun to establish its reputation by organising conferences on China, conducting intercultural coaching, and delivering country-specific training. 2007 – Having grown significantly in size and structure, Akteos formally separated from Unilangues and 4T. In the same year, more than 200 individual training programs were introduced. International Expansion 2013 – The company’s continued to grow and faced increasing global demand. To meet this need and better serve clients, the company established Akteos Netherlands. 2014 – Ongoing demand from businesses with offices in Asia prompted the team to explore expansion in the region, and resulted in Akteos Asia being established in Singapore. The following year, Akteos Asia opened its second office in Kuala Lumpur.

What Sets Akteos Apart?

Akteos offers intercultural and communication management consulting and training services, developed using an intercultural approach to human resources management. Solutions for any Challenge

  • Expatriation
  • Distance working, multicultural team management
  • Market prospection, international tenders, and negotiation
  • Mergers & Aquisition
  • International seminars
  • And more…

Global Expertise & Coverage

  • 30 correspondents worldwide
  • 100 countries covered
  • 300 intercultural consultants
  • 400 training programmes
  • 500 prestigious clients
  • 100,000 people trained

Exclusive Online Tools Akteos has developed exclusive online tools to assist participants through their intercultural learning journey. These tools represent a significant step forward in the way intercultural training is approached.

  • Nomad’ Profiler – A proprietary assessment model developed by Akteos based on 10 cultural dimensions that allow’s your to:
    • Identify your own cultural preferences in a professional context.
    • Compare your own cultural dimensions against those of your colleagues or country averages.
    • Access information about the attitudes, culture, and business life in over 100 countries.
  • Nomad’ Network – A forum to network with Akteos’ participants and experts, and to make contacts globally.

Get in Touch

Talk to the team about how intercultural training could help your business:

150 Cecil Street, #15-01
Singapore 069543
+65 6327 9291

Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
KL Sentral, 1 Sentral, Level 16
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+65 6327 9291

21/F On Hing building
1 On Hing terrace
Central, Hong Kong
+852 30519218

6 rue du Quatre Septembre 92130 Issy les Moulineaux
+ 33 1 55 95 85 10

Sarphati Plaza Building
Rhijnspoorplein 24
1018 TX Amsterdam
+31 20 820 8639

Square de Meeûs 38/40 1000
+32 2 401 61 91

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Since 2003, Akteos has guided its clients in a multi-faceted world where globalization and new communication technologies bring cultures together and confront our values. With its 30 correspondents around the world and its 300 intercultural consultants, Akteos offers training courses in more than 100 countries as well as in management, communication and international development.

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