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About Intercultural Insights


Why “Intercultural Insights”?

“Intercultural Insights” is a blog with the aim of promoting intercultural understanding, an indispensable skill in the current context of globalization. In a changing world, it is essential to continue research on this subject, to understand the impact of cultural fundamentals on behavior, and improve interaction between all cultures (national, business, job, personal).

Akteos wanted to make this blog a crossroads of opinions, expertise, and experience to enable all those who operate internationally or in a multicultural environment to share their experiences and broaden their field of knowledge.

A major intercultural skill is the ability to see things from another cultural viewpoint. Through this blog, we hope to provide everyone with the opportunity to step back and reflect on the perspectives of others to improve communication, control intercultural risks and to value diversity as an asset.

Who is Intercultural Insights for?

This blog is open to all those interested in intercultural topics near or far, who wish to deepen their knowledge, share experiences, provide feedback, initiate research topics and to advance the discipline.


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If you are interested in intercultural understanding and want to share your experiences or knowledge on this subject, you can become a contributor in different ways and send us:

  • An article on an intercultural topic
  • Details of a book, a film, or event on an intercultural topic
  • Commentary on news with an intercultural perspective
  • An intercultural anecdote, testimonial, or example
  • A video, a photo, a drawing,
  • A link to a site you’ve found interesting

Basically, you can share anything relevant to intercultural or international topics that can enrich the blog and help raise awareness about this discipline.

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