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Coronavirus: Going Out Masked, A Question of Culture!
April 28, 2020
Is Wearing a Mask Cultural?  If you go out without a mask in Hong Kong, Seoul or Tokyo during an epidemic, you risk becoming a “social pariah” when elsewhere, in Europe or the United States for example, it is perfectly acceptable.  It’s not just a matter of government directives and medical advice, it’s also a matter of culture […]
Culture & Countries
Southeast Asian Business Culture – Anecdotes From Outside the Fishbowl
May 23, 2017
An important step towards becoming a competent player in the international work environment is having a good understanding about one’s own culture. Like water to a fish, the influence of our own culture is often invisible to us. Getting an outsider’s perspective can help us to explore the waters we swim in and learn more […]
Culture & Countries
Modern Asia: Tradition vs Progress
November 17, 2016
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To what extent is the apparent “westernization” process in Asia simply a superficial outcome of modernization. Are people rejecting their traditional values?