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Social conflict in South Korea
June 11, 2019
Why do some French companies experience difficulties resolving labor disputes that sometimes arise in their Korean subsidiaries?
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Modern Asia: Tradition vs Progress
November 17, 2016
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To what extent is the apparent “westernization” process in Asia simply a superficial outcome of modernization. Are people rejecting their traditional values?
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Innovation of Korean Managers
September 17, 2015
This is the second part in our portrait of Korean companies. Following a general overview of the Korean management style and company culture, it’s now time to think outside the box as we meet KIM Hyung-seok, Bookpal’s astonishing chief executive. Innovation of Korean managers Since 2008, the seemingly endless crisis which has affected South Korea has seen the […]
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The Many Facets of the Korean Management Style
July 23, 2015
Eric Surdej’s book, Ils sont fous ces Coréens, provides a vital insight into the operating methods of the French subsidiary of one of the largest Korean chaebols, LG. In this insider’s tale, sometimes tinged with disillusionment, the author makes the error of comparing the way LG operates to all Korean companies or even to all […]
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A Korean marathon
June 4, 2015
Where did Mr Eric Surdej, a senior executive trained in a business school, having occupied international managerial posts in prestigious Japanese companies (Toshiba, Sony), find the nerves of steel to manage the French subsidiary of the Korean company LG for eight years? Especially considering the pace at which these eight years went by among the “efficiency […]